Baltic Park Promenade – Swinoujscie

Baltic Park Promenada – ŚwinoujścieBaltic Park Promenade – Swinoujscie


Baltic Park Promenada is a part of the baltic recreation complex known as Baltic Park.

Baltic Park Promenada is the one investment in Swinoujscie that is located closest to the sea (around 50 meters).

Each year, Swinoujscie wins internet rankings for the best coastal resort in Poland. Each year, the wide, open, and clean beaches are selected for the prestigious distinction of “Cyan Flag”.

Swinoujscie also serves as an excellent node of travel. Two important trails are connected here, such as a ferry line with Scandinavia, as well as a network of bicycle trails shared with the German side of the island, Uznam. These are only some of the reasons why the Baltic Park Promenada recreational complex was created here.

Baltic Park Promenada is a collection of 5 buildings placed on the dunes between the promenade and the sea. Kristensen Group, along with the city, built the promenade with the residents and local resort in mind, making it an attraction.

16 flats were designed in each of the 5 buildings, each covering an area from 35 to 52 m2, with viewing terraces from 4 to 22 m2. The architecture is a direct reference to the mediterranean style of construction. Large terraces, a whitened facade of the buildings, louvered shutters, and a view of the Baltic Sea invite comfort in this beautiful northern resort.

The flats are ready to use and are fully equipped with a kitchen and bathroom. Baltic Park Promenada is monitored 24/7. The comfort of safety and security of the residents is guaranteed by a modern system of security cameras. There are also boutiques, restaurants, coffee shops, and spas within the complex.

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