Company History

2005 – rising Kristensen Group SP. z o.o. is a Polish branch of the Kristensen Group a/s, the largest property developer in Denmark holiday.

2006 – construction of the Baltic Park Promenade in Świnoujście-80 apartments, restaurants and shops.

2007 – putting Baltic Park promenade.

2007 –  beginning of the construction of the Baltic Beach Park-197 holiday apartments in Świnoujście.

2008 – apartments Bukowa Góra in Wisła and stage-starting construction of 44 apartments on Mill Street in Wisła.

2008 – beginning of the construction of the two estates apartments in Karpacz-104 apartments on Myśliwska and Komuny Street.

2009 – putting the Baltic Park.

2009 – starting the construction of Castle Osaday in the Pasymiu.

2009 – putting apartments Bukowa Góra Wisła.

2010 – putting pod Śnieżką apartments in Karpacz.

2011 – putting the Castle village of Pasymiu.

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